Thanks to our donors, Eye Care Foundation, in cooperation with local and Dutch ophthalmologists, have examined many adults and children in Asia and Africa for eye problems.

Where necessary, these people have received further treatment. For example, cataract surgery or glasses will help them to achieve clear vision to improve their future. They are now able again to cultivate their land or return to school.

Results before 2020

  • 380.962 patients examined and treated
  • 16.173 people informed about eye health and accessibility of eye care services
  • 11.130 glasses for poor people
  • 1.317 eye care professionals trained

Results Eye Care Foundation

  • 7 eye hospitals
  • 24 eyecenters
  • 5.033.856 patients examined and treated
  • 426.984 cataract operations
  • 203 ophthalmologists trained
  • 1.544 ophthalmic professionals trained
  • 44.170 training courses in basic eye care

Annual report 2020

You will find more information about the results of Eye Care Foundation in our annual report: