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Marianne van Efferen

Committee of Recommendation

Arnon Grunberg

“Seeing the world is to change the world.”

Angela Groothuizen
Singer, presenter

“The Eye Care Foundation is a non-profit basis organisation doing magnificent work in developing countries where people suffer from eye diseases and blindness. The care is focused on the poorest people for whom medical care is unaffordable. The foundation gives so many people their lives back. “Photo: © Nick from Ormondt

Paul Schnabel

Professor at the University of Utrecht, member Senate D66, former director of the Social and Cultural Planning Office

“35 years ago I first went to Nepal and fell in love with the mountains, the people and the ancient cities. I’ve been back many times, during my treks I saw how little people had and how little the government has done for them, but they always had food to eat and a warm fire in their homes.”

It is terrible to see how many houses are no longer there, and how many beautiful temples and historic buildings have collapsed. Especially sad to see that in many places there is nothing left and for  those that remain receive little help. ” I wholeheartedly support this foundation to build a new future for these people and to give the sight back to cataract patients”

Ruud Lapré
Former chairman of the  Eye Care Foundation; honorary professor of health policy and economics of healthcare, author

“Never have I had so strong a sense of the power of nature and the inadequate human response. Nature has struck there again and of course we need help . I myself had surgery on both eyes and knows only too well how important it is for them to see. “

(Ruud Lapré visited the country many times and was always moved by the beauty of the culture and nature)

Gabriel Kousbroek
Illustrator, auteur

“I wear glasses and I need my eyes to earn a living. Once I had an eye infection, I could not work for a month. I was given antibiotics and was able to work again. Unfortunately, in  many developing countries this is a utopian vision. I attach great importance that others have the right to medical care, which is a sign of civilization; our civilization. “

Tom Okker
Former tennis star

“As a former tennis player I know how much it means to get proper nutrition and adequate clean water. A warm body is a necessity for everyone. For the residents of Nepal, it is now more difficult than ever. I also know, after two successful cataract surgeries how important good vision is. I support the Eye Care Foundation Nepal as it tries to achieve both goals! “

Team   Medical Advisors