Björn Stenvers

Looking at delivery and environmental impact, new strategies and cross-roads are needed to answer to needs. The SDGs defined by the UN can only be met if we work together. Both the WHO and UNESCO aim to become more impact-focused. If issues are not being addressed collectively it automatically results in underperformance. Museums as well as Eye Care sector face complexity on inclusiveness regarding cure, treatment and survival in a market-driven global society. The Eye Care Foundation does her utmost in the far remote areas to provide eye care for those in need, so that they can pick up their lives again

Björn is since 2018 CEO at the Eye Care Foundation. He has years of experience in international non-profit organizations. First in the library sector, later in the international museum and heritage sector. In recent years he worked as CEO at the Fund of the International Committee of Museums (ICOM) at UNESCO in Paris. Before that, he was responsible as director of the Amsterdam Museums Foundation. During this period he set up several Museum Academies for museum staff trainings in Amsterdam, Rostov, Aruba, Altai and the Russian Zoo Academy. Some are now an official accredited academy with diplomas. He holds several board positions among which the Amsterdam Fund, ICOM Europe, Amsterdam Light Festival (Collection), and Nepal Federation Netherlands. Björn lives in Amsterdam, travels with his bicycle to work and is a flexitarian. In his spare time he runs.