Cambodian Lim Davy resident ophthalmic pathology

Since 1999 the Eye Care Foundation supports eye care in Cambodia. The training of ophthalmic personnel is one of the mainstays of the Eye Care Foundation (ECF). By doing so, ECF contributes to building a solid foundation for sustainable and quality eye care.

There is an urgent need for an ophthalmic pathologists in Cambodia. At the moment, there are no ophthalmic pathologists in Cambodia. Having an ophthalmic pathologist will help to better facilitate ophthalmologists in Cambodia.

To strengthen local capacity and to address this shortage of knowledge in Cambodia, ECF supports the residency training of the Cambodian Lim Davy. She now works in the lab at the pathology department of the Erasmus University Medical Center as a resident in ophthalmic pathology.

Davy shares “I love being a resident at the Erasmus University Medical Center in The Netherlands. At the moment we don’t have any ophthalmic pathologists in Cambodia. I will be the first generation of pathologists who graduate from a Cambodian University”.

“On a typical day we start with a short meeting. We take turns to present some of our most interesting cases. This is my favorite part of the day. It is very helpful to share cases and discuss them with each other. After this meeting, we do our routine work. Usually, I start in the gross room, where we examine the tissues macroscopically. After that, I analyze the tissues under a microscope and discuss my findings with my supervisor. Sometimes you come to a diagnoses easily. But some cases are more complicated. They take longer and you often need to use more advanced techniques”.

Davy will stay in The Netherlands until November this year. After that, she will return to Cambodia.