Mr. Pei Song

Mr. Pei Song is 68 years old and had cataracts in both eyes. A year ago he had a cataract operation on his left eye. Yesterday he had surgery on his right eye. “I am extremely happy that I a... Read moreMr. Pei Song

Ms. No Tei from Cambodia

Ms. No Tei lives in a village in the province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia. She has eight children. Together with her family she has 2 hectares of land where they grow beans. Three years ago her vision ... Read moreMs. No Tei from Cambodia

He is lucky

His name is Seng Seila and he is only ten years old. He lives in the village of Rolous, a hamlet in the jungle, in the province of Kratie. One of his eyes developed a white pupil. Gradually he los... Read moreHe is lucky

Ms. Noun from Cambodia

Ms. Noun lives in a remote area in the province of Mondulkiri in Cambodia. Since her cataract surgery she can look after her grandchildren again and walk around on her own. “I also started ... Read moreMs. Noun from Cambodia

Ms Pech from Cambodia

“I’m so happy,” says Ms. Klup Pech after her cataract surgery. She lives in the small village of Bousra, in Mondulkiri province. “Now I can earn money again by selling ice... Read moreMs Pech from Cambodia

Blinded by onions

Cleaning onions is mainly done by women. The women wear no masks or glasses because they say they can work faster without and earn more. This is important because they are paid per kilo of cleaned... Read moreBlinded by onions

Better off with glasses

Nga’s parents thought her eyesight would be even worse with glasses. The twelve-year-old girl`s eyes were tested during a school eye exam in Binh Phuoc province. Her vision was so bad that ... Read moreBetter off with glasses

Back to work

Mr. Nong Van Nguyen is a civil servant. When he fell ill and developed cataracts on top of that, he went blind and was unable to perform his duties as a civil servant. He did not know that hi... Read moreBack to work