Harry Jansson and grandson Gabe

Harry Jansson, a supporter of the Eye Care Foundation went on a crazy adventure together with his 12-year-old grandson Gabe and raised money for the Eye Care Foundation.

Harry told us why he is committed to the Eye Care Foundation:

“In 2009 I personally experienced how important it is to have good eyesight. I had three operations on the retina of my right eye in 2009. The result was fairly good, but not perfect. I was shocked in December 2014 when my left retina started to become detached. Fortunately, I was on time and we have access to good eye care.

Together with my grandson Gabe, I cycled from Paris to Schiedam in six-and-a-half days in 2014. It was great to be able to do that with my grandson! We agreed to do it again, but from Berlin to Schiedam. My retinal surgery in December 2014 in the Rotterdam eye hospital gave me the inspiration to raise money for the Eye Care Foundation this time. ”

Gabe made a great website with a contest. For €5 contestants could estimate the number of kilometres that we had to cycle. The winner received a dinner voucher worth €100. This crazy ride raised …. euro’s. Harry and Gabe, you are heroes! Thank you for your efforts.