Help prevent avoidable blindness.
Give people a chance at a better life.

The Eye Care Foundation helps prevent and cure avoidable blindness and visual impairment in developing countries. Worldwide there are 253 million people with visual disabilities. 36 million of these people are blind, 217 million are visually impaired. A massive 89% of people with visual disabilities are living in developing countries. The impact of blindness is particularly acute for vulnerable populations in developing countries, and leads to major economic and social problems. Blind people are often no longer able to support themselves, and become fully dependent on family members and friends for their livelihood. Fortunately, in 75% of the cases the visual disability can be corrected or cured. With relatively simple, low-cost solutions, like a cataract surgery or a good pair of glasses, we can end this situation. However, without the financial help of you as a donor, it is impossible for us to achieve this.

Anniversary book: 35 years mission Eye Care

The Eye Care Foundation (ECF) has been working for more than three decades to prevent and cure preventable blindness and low vision in low-income countries in Asia and Africa. With the support of its donors, ECF has given millions of eye patients and their families the prospect of a better life.
This unique book tells the story about the experiences and developments of the Eye Care Foundation in the past 35 years. The work of ECF continues and is by no means complete!

Featured projects

Cambodia – Ratanakiri

The current eye care department of the provincial hospital offers too little space to work effectively and efficiently, which is why we are building a new eye clinic on the grounds of the hospital.

Ratanakiri eye care project

Vietnam – Eye Exams

The percentage of visually impaired people is particularly high among children in Vietnam. Visual impairment in children can cause developmental problems. Therefore the Eye Care Foundation supports carrying out eye tests in schools.

Vietnam – Eye Exams

Laos – Houaphan

The Eye Care Foundation invests in the education and training of local staff in the field of eye care. This increases the quality of eye care and ensures its sustainability.

Houaphan Eye care project

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