‘Dam tot Damloop’ 2018: join us!

Yes, It is possible again to register for the Dam tot Dam running event 2018 for Eye Care Foundation. This year your donations are for the poor cataract patients in Zambia. In Zambia there is dire need for expansion of the ophthalmology in the village of Macha and the Southern province of Zambia. The Dutch ophthalmologist Samuel Verkerk, together with his wife Tamara Verkerk, optometrist, is for a number of years working in the eye department of the local hospital. They need your support. because, they want to set up an eye clinic on the grounds of the hospital. In the long run much more eye patients can receive good eye care.

“10 miles running along the attractive itinerary from Amsterdam to Zaandam. Thousands of runners, all tightly organized. A itinerary, which goes alternately through streets and over bridges. Audience which encourage you; exciting music everywhere and of course also great weather for running. Joining the Dam tot Damloop is always wonderful! ” Lauric Nuij, participant Dam tot Damloop 2017.

Dam tot Damloop

On Sunday, September 23 2018, about 50.000 runners will take part in the 34rd edition of the Dam to Dam run. The unique atmosphere, the IJ Tunnel, one of the largest business runs in the world and the fact that the start and finish are located in two different cities, make this event so special.

How does it work

Eye Care Foundation will take care of your registration and you will receive a magnificent running shirt. In the morning we will all gather at the In de Wildeman cafe. And after you cross the finish line, we will be waiting for you at the Ophthalmic Medical Centre Zaandam.

We have 100 tickets available, so don’t wait too long to sign up!

If you want to participate or if you want more information, please contact Margreet Geels: m.geels@eyecarefoundation.nl / 003120-6473879


Yes, I’m in!

You can sign up now for the 2018 Dam to Dam run! Send an email to Margreet Geels: m.geels@eyecarefoundation.nl 

The Eye Care Foundation arranges your subscription and you will receive a great running shirt. The Eye Care Foundation also organises a great reception in cafe in the Wildeman for a swinging shelter after you have finished with live music at the Ophthalmic Medical Centre Zaandam.


How does it work?

  1. Please email Margreet Geels;
  2. Collect as much money as possible from your sponsors;
  3. Take part in a fantastic sporting experience on September 23, 2018;
  4. Give someone back their sight!

Periodiek schenken

Proceeds from the Dam to Dam recent years:

  • 2017: € 12.000 (paid to the poor blind in Nepal)
  • 2016: € 19.699 (paid to the poor blind in Vietnam)
  • 2015: € 17.505 (paid for the training of ophthalmologist Nassania Yohana Shilla in Tanzania);
  • 2014: € 19.308  (paid to the outreach projects, clinics and eye camps in remote areas);
  • 2013: € 19.600 (paid for training and education of ophthalmic staff and specialists);
  • 2012: € 16.577  (used for cataract surgery).

Main sponsor 2018



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Any questions?

Please contact:

Margreet Geels
PR and donor contacts
+3120 – 647 38 79