I have a good idea

Do you have a good idea to raise money for Eye Care Foundation? All large and small initiatives are greatly appreciated! So you can climb a mountain, organize a BBQ, invite friends for a house concert or homemade cupcakes sale.


  • Create an action page on Just Giving;
  • Share your activity with your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues etc .;
  • Put  as much information as possible on  social media to reach more people;
  • Send us information about your action and a photo, we will publish it;
  • make your action an annual event, make it a tradition!

Take action!

We would appreciate it if you keep us informed of your action. We will help you to promote your action. Send an email to info@eyecarefoundation.nl or call +3120-6473879.

Your gift makes a difference:

  • € 15, – a schoolchild is fitted with proper glasses;
  • € 35, – you help someone with a cataract operation;
  • € 100, – you sponsor a training course for 10 workers;
  • € 1000, – Pays for a surgical kit for cataract surgery.