Mobile Eyecamps in Laos

In Laos, eye care is not a priority in government health plans. This lack of priority and an often very limited organization of available resources has resulted in a major lack of capacity and infrastructure in the field of eye care. As a result, insufficient quality eye care is offered to citizens.

In the Netherlands there are approximately 38 ophthalmologists available per 1 million inhabitants, in Laos there are only 4 per 1 million inhabitants. This often means that there is no ophthalmologist permanently stationed near people in need. The people who need surgery are often unable to travel (far) due to their limited sight and a lack of money. That is why it is important that doctors come to the patients.

We do this by setting up a mobile eye camp in remote areas. A mobile eye camp consists of specialist ophthalmologists, supporting medical staff and all equipment to perform the operations. Think of an operating table, operating material, medicines, bandages and instruments. Everything is transported hygienically and safely. We set up camp locally and set up an examination room and surgery room.

More than 80% of Laotians with a visual impairment can regain their sight with minor surgery. Eye Care Foundation focuses specifically on the most remote areas where no other non profits and ophthalmologists are active. We want to eliminate unnecessary blindness also in those areas.