New Intern at ECF

Hi everyone!
My name is Prunelle and I will be the new Communications intern of the Eye Care Foundation for the next 2 months.
A little bit about myself: I am 20 years old, half French and half Dutch (perfect combination) and I am in my second year of Media and Communications Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Why did I choose ECF? Well, I have always been pushed by the desire to help others and wanting to make an impact on our society. Thus, this internship was a perfect opportunity for me to learn as well as fulfill my wish to realize something meaningful. This internship was combining two aspects of my dream job: working in Communications on a wide variety of international projects and helping to shed light on the urgent needs of others.
Traveling with my family as well as alone has made me realize how beautiful the world is and I truly believe everyone should have the chance to see it through their own eyes.
And most importantly because Eye Care!