No cheap wine or fat cigars

After 34 years, General Practitioner Dr. Wert retired. He enjoyed his farewell parties for patients and colleagues. “It`s only the next day that you realise how much it means to you to see so many grateful patients,” he said. Dr. Wert has been an Eye Care Foundation donor since 1996. “In the invitation to my patients, I specifically asked people not to bring cheap wine or thick cigars, but to bring a donation for the Eye Care Foundation. I enclosed a brochure of the ECF in every invitation.”

Seven hundred of Mr. Wert`s 2.800 patients brought an envelope with a donation to the party. He also received more envelopes later. He received €6.015 in donations for the foundation and added another € 5.000 himself, which he will pay for five years.


This form of donating works as follows: a notarized donation is 100% tax deductible. Dr. Wert can therefore give more, because the tax authorities are contributing. Dr. Wert is helping us twice over. Thank you!