Ophthalmologist The Anh celebrates the completion of his studies

In 2001, the Vietnamese doctor The Anh Mai came to the Netherlands with his Dutch wife. He subsequently obtained his Dutch medical degree, a doctorate (on glaucoma) and recently he completed his training as an ophthalmologist in Groningen. He now works as an ophthalmologist in Winschoten/Delfzijl.

The Eye Care Foundation was not unknown to The Anh. For the last six years he participated in the Dam to Dam run for the foundation. When he celebrated the completion of his studies, Dr. Mai asked guests not to bring gifts, but to give a donation for the Eye Care Foundation. Many of his friends honoured his request and together they donated €1.060. The Anh and his wife decided the tax authories should also add their ‘two cents worth’.

How does that work? They doubled the amount to € 2120. When the total amount in donations to an ANBI organization exceeds 1% of the annual income,it is tax deductible. And that amount is therefore returned through a lower tax assessment. And this way the Eye Care Foundation receives double the amount.

The Anh, thank you for this beautiful gesture!