Plans in 2023

In the past year, with the support of our donors, we have been able to restore the vision of vulnerable people. Saving eye care is of vital importance to them. Without this help, it is impossible for our ophthalmologists to perform urgent eye operations.

In 2023, we remain committed to end avoidable blindness and vision impairment. As a result, vulnerable people not only regain their sight, but also their socio-economic and socio-cultural position, enabling them to get the most out of life.

ECF strives for a world in which eye care is accessible to everyone.

To achieve this mission, we have the following goals in mind in 2023:

1. Perform 500 eye camps

In remote areas, we come to the people who need urgent and expert eye care. For these people, an eye clinic is too far away and the journey too expensive. They often do not know that cataract surgery is possible. During such an eye camp, screenings are performed, but also operations. The goal in 2023 is to perform 200,000 screenings and treat 3,500 eye conditions, such as cataract.



2. Conducting surveys at schools and handing out glasses

Children with poor eyesight cannot follow classes. They sometimes do not finish school, which limits their chances for the future. In 2023, ECF will put extra focus on conducting eye exams in schools. This year, among the 45.000 schoolchildren who have already received a screening, the spectacle wearing children will receive a check up to see how their vision is now. It is estimated that a total of 3,500 glasses will be distributed in 2023.


3. Build 6 eye clinics and purchase new equipment

In 2023 we will build new eye clinics in the countries where we operate. These clinics need to be equipped with equipment and staff. Old equipment is also being replaced in the existing clinics. In this way you help to prevent and cure unnecessary blindness and visual impairment for even more people!



4. Provide training for 1,000 ophthalmologists and eye care professionals

Where there are hardly any ophthalmologists, we go to work to train them on the spot. With more well-trained ophthalmologists and skilled staff, the battle for expert eye care can be won step by step! We are tackling the eye sector at different levels. Primary Eye Care training is the key training provided to all commune health workers and school nurses, focussing on early detection and referral. Ophthalmologists in all provinces are supported to attend shortcourse training on different subjects. At least one optometrist will start the Masters Course in Vision Science in Malaysia.


There’s a lot to do. But we strongly believe that these ambitious goals can be achieved, just like in previous years. We do this together with our team all over the world and of course with the help of our donors.

Do you also want to help us achieve these goals in 2023 and give people the chance for a bright future?