Where does Eye Care Foundation work?

The Eye Care Foundation supports projects in four Asian countries and one African country, for the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

Waar werken we?

Tanzania Nepal Laos Vietnam Cambodja

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How does Eye Care Foundation work?

With its eye care projects, the Eye Care Foundation strengthens local capacity through training (at all levels), improves infrastructure by building eye clinics and donates ophthalmic equipment. Besides, the Eye Care Foundation finances cataract operations, eye exams for the elderly and schoolchildren as well as the fitting of eyeglasses. The support of the Eye Care Foundation is most successful when in the regions where it operates, networks of Eye Centres are built with well-trained local staff and volunteers, appropriate equipment and good housing. The goal is to promote these networks by means of project support. Over time, the networks are supposed to maintain themselves financially and knowledge-wise. It is fundamental to integrate into local policies to ensure the sustainability, consistency and quality.

The head office is located in The Netherlands, which directs general support and medical management to the project partners of the Eye Care Foundation through the field offices in Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia. This enables local partners to increasingly be in the position to execute necessary eye care on their own. The involvement of Dutch ophthalmologists who volunteered as medical advisor to support the projects is very important. Employees of the Amsterdam office regularly visit the projects for regional and national consultation with other eye care organizations and supervising the projects.