Kratie province

The Kratie province is a vast and underdeveloped area where mainly poor farmers live. Large parts of Kratie are affected by floods during the annual rainy season. Supporting eye care in Kratie aims at sustainable, affordable and accessible eye care for all residents. The focus is on the so-called group of near-poor patients: those who do not qualify for the government subsidy for the poorest Cambodians, but cannot afford to pay for eye treatment themselves.

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The clinic operates a highly experienced team of four eye care professionals, including one ophthalmologist. The eye clinic also organizes eye camps. In this way, good eye care is accessible to the inhabitants of remote areas. Additionally, all health centres in the province employ at least one health professional who has knowledge of basic eye care. Those health workers can provide basic eye care and refer people to the eye clinic, when necessary. Twice a month, an eye team travels to one of the health centres to see patients who were gathered by the trained health workers. Patients are examined, treated, operated on, or referred to the eye clinic.

In the eye clinic eye tests are also carried out by specialized nurses. If necessary, they will ensure that the patient receives proper glasses.

Cambodja Kratie staar controle

Renovated eye clinic

Since the eye clinic opened its doors in 2001, it has been used continuously. The extreme weather conditions in this remote area have damaged the building over the years. Therefore, the clinic was renovated in 2017. Take a look at the renovated clinic:

Key points

  • Support implementation of (cataract) operations;
  • Facilitating eye camps in difficult terrain;
  • Training in basic eye care for health workers and village volunteers;
  • Donate necessary equipment;
  • Support further training ophthalmologist and eye department nurses