Mondulkiri province

Mondulkiri is a very remote province in eastern Cambodia. The province has about 41,000 residents. The eye care project in Mondulkiri aims at giving the poorest Cambodians in this province access to quality eye care and to eliminate avoidable blindness. The Eye Care Foundation follows the national blindness prevention program.

It is difficult in Mondulkiri to reach patients due to its location, bad roads, and rainy seasons. Residents of this province, who come from many different ethnic groups, often have a very low level of education and poor housing. Some patients who were selected for cataract surgery are very anxious to go to the hospital. They worry about travel costs, they find it difficult to be away from home or they cannot afford to interrupt their work on the land. The Eye Care Foundation gives additional support to them to make good eye care accessible.

Cambodja Provincie Mondulkiri


In the provincial hospital ophthalmic nurses are present. They treat simple eye problems and refer patients when necessary. The nurses regularly visit the health centres in the province.

Because the province has no eye clinic, the eye team from Kratie travel twice yearly  to the province. During these visits, they perform  eye exams and refer patients who need an (cataract) operation.

Eye Care Foundation invests in the education and training of local staff in Mondulkiri. This leads to an effective fight against preventable blindness. In addition, it ensures the durability of eye care projects.