Tbong Khmum province

Following a pilot phase, a new eye care project started in a part of Kampong Cham province in 2011. Kampong Cham has 786 074 inhabitants. The province was divided into many districts and on June 2, 2014, six districts and a city located east of the Mekong River officially separated from Kampong Cham. Together, they formed a new province: Tbong Kmum.

The eye department in the Hospital in Tbong Khmum is supported by the Eye Care Foundation. This support focuses on infrastructure, increasing capacity and ophthalmic treatment. In recent years they have invested in outreach activities. Volunteers, health workers and field workers are trained to detect eye diseases in the villages and refer people for further help. The medical doctor in the hospital and two eye nurses from the hospital’s eye department treat the most common illnesses, such as cataracts, glaucoma and infections.

Tbong Khmum