• Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia
  • Very sparsely populated
  • 7 million people in an area 7 times the size of The Netherlands
  • Nearly 70% live in rural areas
  • Agriculture is the main source of income
  • The largely mountainous country is difficult to access
  • Few roads
  • Large gaps in provision of health care and education

Latest news from Laos

    What does the Eye Care Foundation do?

    In 2007, the Eye Care Foundation visited Laos for the first time. Ultimately, this resulted in the start-up of projects in the provinces of Xieng Khouang and Houa Phanh in 2011/2012. In these provinces, they support the expansion and quality improvement of eye care. The National Programme for the prevention of blindness began in Laos as early as 1984 but for many people good eye care remains unattainable. There is little or no eye care available closeby, only on a district level and sometimes not even that. The Eye Care Foundation is therefore committed to bring eye care closer to the villagers. In order to achieve this, the Eye Care Foundation employs health care workers.

    Key points

    • The quality of cataract surgery and the improvement of pre- and post-operation care.
    • Increase the number of cataract surgeries (Cataract Surgery Rate – CSR)
    • Expanding the referral system through the training of basic eye care staff
    • Establish eye exams at schools

    Project manager in Laos


    At present, the Eye Care Foundation has no field office in Laos. Khounkham Inthasone, the project manager, reports to Elise Kenter, program manager Laos and Vietnam. For medical advice they are assisted by the Dutch ophthalmologist Cees van der Windt (Riverland Hospital), who works  on a voluntary basis as a medical advisor for the projects of the Eye Care Foundation in Laos.