• Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia
  • The country is very sparsely populated
  • Seven million people live in an area seven times the size of The Netherlands
  • Nearly 70% of the population lives in rural areas
  • Agriculture is the main source of income
  • The largely mountainous country is poorly accessible
  • There are few roads
  • There are large gaps in available health care and education

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What does the Eye Care Foundation do?

In 2007, the Eye Care Foundation visited Laos for the first time. This ultimately resulted in the start of projects in the provinces of Xieng Khouang and Houa Phanh in 2011/2012. In these provinces, support is provided to expand and improve the quality of eye care. The National Programme for the prevention of blindness started in Laos as far back as 1984, but for many people good eye care is still unattainable. Eye care availability remains limited and sometimes non-existent in many districts, especially in villages and remote areas. The Eye Care Foundation is therefore committed to bringing eye care within reach of the villagers. The Eye Care Foundation collaborates with health care workers to help achieve this goal.

Results 2019

In March we received an operation permit and our office was opened in May. 

Two ophthalmologists completed the ophthalmology residency and started their work on our projects in the provinces of Houaphan and Saysomboun. A new eye unit was established and equipped in Saysomboun.

In September and October, an internal mid-term project evaluation was conducted for all projects under our Lao Country Policy Plan 2017 – 2021. The conclusions and recommendations are being used to adjust the policy plan in order to achieve the set targets.

Laos office

The field office in Laos was opened in 2018. Lattana Sengdala project officer, reports to Pol Sambath, the program manager for Laos and Cambodia. For medical advice, they are assisted by the Dutch ophthalmologist Cees van der Windt (Riverland Hospital), who works on a voluntary basis as a medical advisor for the projects of the Eye Care Foundation in Laos.