Xieng Khouang province


Xieng Khouang is located in the northeast of Laos and is a very poor province. Most people work in agriculture and the countryside is mountainous. There is a provincial hospital in Phonsavan, the capital of Xieng Khouang. The hospital had a small eye department which lacked the capacity to provide good eye care for the whole coverage area. In addition, the various eye care facilities were scattered throughout the hospital, which was inconvenient for both staff and patients.

For this reason an eye clinic was built on the hospital grounds, which was a huge improvement in terms of efficiency and professionalism. The official opening took place on October 15, 2015. The Eye Care Foundation built the clinic in collaboration with the Lions Club Land of Cuijk and Northern Limburg.


The clinic boasts a number of examination rooms and an operation theatre. The eye clinic serves more than half a million people in Xieng Khouang province. In the new building patients receive quality eye care and the staff can perform their duties efficiently.

The key objectives of the eye care project in Xieng Khouang are:

  • To provide support for cataract surgeries at the new clinic and in the surrounding districts
  • The improvement and expansion of vision services
  • Providing eye care education and training for local staff
  • The donation of medical equipment and instruments