• Population 27.8 million
  • Two-thirds of the population lives in the mountainous areas and only 13% in the cities
  • Over 25% of the population lives below the poverty line
  • The country was hit in 2015 by devastating earthquakes and landslides
  • Agriculture is an important source of income as well as tourism
  • There are only about 150 Nepalese ophthalmologists
  • Just a handful of ophthalmologists work in remote areas.

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What does the Eye Care Foundation do?

The Eye Care Foundation supports two major eye hospitals: one in Pokhara and one in Mechi. The Eye Care Foundation also supports eye care programs in the four regions of Gandaki, Dhaulagiri, Mechi, and Karnali.

Results 2019

Like in previous years, we supported the eye care activities of our long-term partners Himalaya Eye Hospital and Mechi Eye Hospital and 21 Primary Eye Care Centers (PECC) under the management of the two hospitals. At Gorkha Surgical Eye Care Center the foundation supported the shift from eye center to surgical eye center where cataract surgeries were now performed regularly.

RAAB studies were conducted in 3 provinces. In the Karnali Province, data collection was completed in 2019 whereas in the Gandaki Province the study is in the final stage and will be finalized in 2020. The results will be presented in 2020.

The Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) published the results of the National Eye Health Education Program Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) study (funded by us) in the Journal of Nepal Health Research Council and the IAPB blog.

Finally, in 2019 the Ministry of Health and Population incorporated eye health in the National Health Policy of Federal Government. An eye health strategic plan will be drafted by a committee in which ECF is represented. The plan will be finished by mid-2020.

Nepal office

The Nepal office was opened in 1988. The country representative, Anil Gorkhaly, supervises the projects. He is assisted by Sujata Gautam who is responsible for administration and finance. Mani Ram Pradhan is responsible for logistics. Anil Gorkhaly reports to Yvonne Reifler, head of projects at Eye Care Foundation. For medical advice they are assisted by the Dutch ophthalmologist Gerard Smith, who works  on a voluntary basis as a medical advisor for the projects of the Eye Care Foundation in Nepal.

Contact Eye Care Foundation Nepal

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T. + 977 1 4431721 (Res.)
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