Morogoro is a region in de southeast of Tanzania with a population of at least 2.2 million. The region is approximately twice the size of the Netherlands. The Regional Health Department of Morogoro has asked the Eye Care Foundation to support eye care related activities and infrastructure in this region.

While eye diseases are listed as one of the top ten medical problems in Morogoro, the issue does not get the attention it deserves.
The support of the Eye Care Foundation is primarily aimed at the poorest members of the population. Quality eye care should be accessible to everyone, which is why the Eye Care Foundation decided in 2014 to increase its support to Tanzania.

Situation assessment

In order to make a tailored and comprehensive plan of support for the region for the coming years, a thorough assessment of the current state of affairs is essential. The purpose of the situation analysis is to obtain a clear picture of the present state of eye care in the region: what is the scale of the problem, what is the current quality of eye care service and how should the support be organized in the various fields of eye care. In July 2016, a Rapid Assessment Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) was made to form a precise image of the prevalence of eye diseases in the population of this region. The results of this assessment are also intended to raise awareness of the issue among local authorities to ensure their continued participation.


Project plans

Following the RAAB, a workshop was held in Morogoro in late September 2016. The turnout was large, with at least 60 participants present. Both the participants and the Eye Care Foundation can look back on a very successful workshop. We are currently working on a project plan for the coming years. Once the plan is final, the information on this page will be updated.

An ophthalmology student

There is a serious shortage of eye doctors in Morogoro, which is why 34-year-old Dr. Shilla is presently studying to become an ophthalmologist, funded by the Eye Care Foundation. He has been working at the surgery department in Morgoro for over six years and made a very conscious decision to become an ophthalmologist. “I am fascinated by eyes. Besides which it is a beautiful thing to help people regain or retain their eyesight,” says Dr. Shilla. His goal is to further expand the eye care department and increase the present knowledge and expertise in the field of eye care. In this way he hopes to improve the quality of eye care in the region.