The ophthalmology department at the KCMC

The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) was originally a private institution (mission hospital) servicing the northern part of Tanzania. It acts as a tertiary hospital and is linked to the medical faculty of the Tumaini University.

Kilimanjaro Christian jongen

The hospital performs about 1.400 cataract operations per year. The staff consists of five ophthalmologists. Besides separate wards for men and women, the ophthalmology department offers semi- and private rooms which provide an additional source of income. There is also a pediatric ophthalmology department with its own examination room.

The Eye Care Foundation has supported the ophthalmology department of the KCMC Hospital in Moshi since 2009 by training first-year ophthalmology residents and educating staff members in various subspecialties.
Several Dutch ophthalmologists provide educational support to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. The assistance of Dutch ophthalmic specialists contributes to building a solid foundation for the proper diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

Ophthalmology residents from Tanzania and neighbouring countries also regularly receive training, textbooks and instruments.

Teaching support

In late 2014, Tanzanian physician Maro came to the Netherlands at the invitation of prof. Dr. Mourits of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. This visit fell under the Teaching Support Programme for the ophthalmology department of the KCMC. In the Netherlands he observed the practice of orbital treatment techniques. He also met the management of the orbital technology in the Dutch setting. Read the interview with Dr. Maro.

The staff of the KCMC are very pleased with the Dutch contribution to the project “Teaching Support at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC)” The project has provided the doctors in Tanzania with better equipment and their expertise and skill have improved significantly with the educational support.