Education and training

Opleiding en training van personeel in optiekwinkels Vietnam

The Eye Care Foundation supports optometrists in training in Malaysia. After completing their studies and after completing a training course in teaching, they are employed as teachers in optometry at the training centres in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi. These training centres contribute structurally to make quality vision correction services easily accessible and affordable for the underprivileged population in Vietnam. Optometry at the Training Centre in HCMC is currently taught by Australian teachers. As knowledge and mastery of the English language among Vietnamese students is minimal, it will be a great advantage that future teachers will teach in Vietnamese. At first the new teachers are supervised in the field by their Australian optometry teachers. After they have gained enough experience and are considered sufficiently skilled, they are allowed to work independently as teachers.

In addition to the support for these students, the Eye Care Foundation supports various training courses for people who come to work in the Vision Centres.

Oogmetingen en Oogzorg projecten Vietnam door Eye Care Foundation