Making eyecare more accessible through mobile phones

The Primary Eye Care Centre (PECC) in Kalikot, Nepal, has started to work with PEEK Acuity. Anil, from the Eye Care Foundation Nepal office, has made sure all the users know how to use the app correctly. From the start, everyone found the app useful and easy to work with.

Photo: Using PEEK Acuity in the Kalikot PECC

What is PEEK Acuity?

PEEK Acuity is a vision test. A letter “E” is shown on the screen. It changes in orientation and size, each size being a different vision level.  The patient points in the direction of the E and the tester records this response by swiping on the phone screen in the same direction the patient pointed (there is no need for the tester to look at the screen – the app processes the answer and indicates whether it was right or wrong). The app calculates the vision score and presents it at the end of the test and links to SightSim to show what the visual world looks like for the person being tested. Dr Bastawrous said: “With most of the world’s blind people living in low-income countries, it is vital that we develop new tools to increase early detection and appropriate referral for treatment. Mobile phone use is now so widespread that it seemed to be an ideal platform” (source: PEEKvision).

(Video source: PEEKVision)