Thank you for my glasses!

Thirteen-year-old Thinh lives with his parents in Binh Duong, Vietnam. For a number of years he had trouble seeing in the distance and at school he could not see what the teacher had written on the blackboard. “Often I could not read the question and therefore could not participate in the lesson” said Thinh. During a school screening at his school it became clear that Thinh needed glasses. Unfortunately his parents were poor and could not afford to buy the glasses he needed.

The percentage of vision impaired people is particularly high among children in Vietnam. Most children with a refractive error do not have access to glasses even though good vision is important for the development and performance in school. In addition, impairment may lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated. Therefore the Eye Care Foundation supports carrying out eye tests in schools. During these eye tests the eyes of large groups of children are checked and if necessary the children are fitted with glasses. When children from poor families need glasses they are provided with glasses for free or with a discount. Thinh now has a good pair of glasses. “I can see clearly again! Sometimes I take my glasses off to see the difference“ he says.

Now he can work towards his future again with a clear vision.