Top performance by hero Ivar!

This year, Ivar Bos participated with the four-day walking event (Vierdaagse) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, not just for himself, but also for the visually impaired in developing countries. This Eye Care Foundation hero raised €522 with his top performance!

Ivar says:

This was my third ‘Vierdaagse’ and I knew what to expect. I was well-prepared for the heat and I had no problems because of it. I drank constantly and kept cool by keeping my baseball cap wet. As always, it was amazing how the spectators along the route encourage the participants, offer food and provide us with water. The second and third days were hot and exhausting, but my feet bore up well. The small blisters that I had from the start, did not grow bigger, so I could walk comfortably. The third day of the walk is the most beautiful in terms of the natural surroundings, but each year it is the most challenging day for me, mentally speaking. Once you get through the third day, the fourth day is easier. The after party is in itself a reason to come back. Every year I tell myself “This was the last time!”, but then I show up anyway and cross the finish line with a lump in my throat. I’ve already decided to walk again next year.

Eye Care Foundation is very grateful to Ivar for his efforts!