Urgent call from Dr. Anju Gurung from Nepal

“Every day I see a lot of women who urgently need eye surgery, just like Mrs. Janma Kanya (83).

Until she was 77, she worked in the fields to help her seven sons. Up until it was not possible anymore. Cataracts caused both of her eyes to deteriorate further. She eventually went blind. Even when she askes her sons to go to the hospital, her cry for help was not heard.

Like so many women in Nepal, she accepted her fate. A woman has a disadvantaged position here. A woman has to remain silent when she has problems with her eyes. No one cared about Mrs. Kanya. Also, eye surgery costs money. Money that isn’t there. Can you imagine that as a woman in Nepal you give up if you lose sight in both eyes? Her health is being ignored.

An acquaintance gave Mrs. Kanya a tip about an eye camp in the area. She was able to contact us immediately. On the first day I did surgery on her left eye, the next day her right eye. When the bandage came off, she couldn’t believe her luck.

You and I, we, together, can give women like Ms. Kanya the eye surgery that will keep them from going blind.

At the moment I am working with Eye Care Foundation on the preparation of next eye camps in Karnali. They are desperately needed. I already know for sure that at least 120 patients are waiting for surgery. I operate  all these people with love and commit myself for the full 100%. But your financial support is needed to make this happen.

“You and I, together we can make sure that women like Ms. Kanya get the eye surgery that will prevent them from going blind.

Will you help with a donation of €35 for someone who cannot afford cataract surgery themselves?

As an ophthalmologist, I am delighted with the support we receive from someone like you. I do it with love and commit myself for the full 100%. But your financial support for eye patients. It’s their only chance to see them again.” Give eye patients new life with your gift.”