Visual impairment and poverty

Worldwide there are 253 million people with visual impairments, of which 36 million are blind and 217 million visually impaired. A stunning 89% of people with visual disabilities live in developing countries, where blindness leads to major economic and social problems. Blind people can often unable to work and are dependent on family members and friends. Seventyfive percent of visual impairments is avoidable or can be cured or improved by, for example, cataract surgery or a good pair of glasses.

The available treatments for the prevention and cure of blindness are the most effective and cheapest of all healthcare measures. The Eye Care Foundation strives for a world in which people`s potential is no longer limited by avoidable blindness. A world where good eye care is accessible to everyone so that they have the opportunity to build a future with clear vision. But it is impossible to achieve this without your help as a donor.

Infographic visual disability and poverty


Visual disability and poverty

Worldwide there are 285 million people with a visual impairments. 80% of these visual handicaps are avoidable or curable. But not everyone has access to good eye care. The ‘Global Action Plan 2014-2019’  is an initiative of  The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). The Eye Care Foundation is a member of the IAPB and is committed to achieving the goals of this action plan.

More information: Global Action Plan 2014-2019