Where do I start?

Thank you for taking action! Every form of attention for blindness and visual impairment worldwide is important. Our foundation can only continue its work with your help!

Have you already come up with an idea for your campaign? Great, see below which steps you can take to make your campaign a great success!

No ideas yet? Look here or here for inspiration or contact Margreet Geels via m.geels@eyecarefoundation.nl. We are happy to help you!

It’s super fun to set up an action, but where do you start? We are happy to help you with some tips to set up a successful campaign.

Make a campaign page.
This can be done via, for example, Geef.nl. Upload photos related to you and your campaign. Tell why you are taking action. A large part of your supporters will donate because they like you and are curious about your motive to start the campaign.

Start small.
Before you tell everyone about your campaign, it’s wise to have a few donations. Before asking everyone else to donate, ask your family and closest friends personally to make a donation. Lead by example others will follow.

Go big!
Spread your action to a wider audience. This can be done in many different ways: Read more here.

Follow up.
Post and share news items on your campaign page. You can easily put news items on your campaign page. And don’t forget to share your post on social media afterwards

Final sprint.
Experience shows that the last two weeks of your campaign you will receive most donations. So that’s the final sprint of your campaign. Make the most of your final sprint and ask your donors for help. They will also want you to reach your target.

Any questions?

Please contact:

Margreet Geels
Events Manager
+3120 – 647 38 79