A story of Mrs. Kisan

Yesterday she came to the hospital supported by her daughters. After a successful surgery, the first thing Mrs. Kisan saw when we took the bandages off her eyes today was her daughters’ tears. What a special moment that was.

Isn’t it amazing that with surgery of just 20 minutes it is possible to change the life of someone like Mother Kisan?

Her community is used to and hardened by adversity. The earthquake destroyed their homes, many are left without a job during the Covid pandemic. But there’s one thing we can do for them today: restore their eyesight.

Donate now! With your support, we can see that hope in the eyes of even more people here waiting for surgery. Right now it is important that they too can contribute and do not put a burden on their loved ones. Together with the Eye Care Foundation, you make the impossible possible for people who could never afford good eye care themselves.

For 35 euros you can donate one cataract surgery to someone like Mrs. Kisan.