Celebrating the work of Yvonne Reifler

After 22 years, our colleague Yvonne Reifler is retiring today.

Thanks to her knowledge of the projects, her open and professional attitude, Yvonne Reifler majorly contributed to building sustainable eye care in Africa and Southeast Asia.

She has been committed to this for 22 years, first working for Mekong Eye Doctors and after the merger with Oogzorg Wereldwijd, as a Project Director at the Eye Care Foundation.

Thanks to her great knowledge of eye care, her understanding approach to local healthcare providers, she has achieved a lot. The long-term effect, the well-being of the people in the countries where the Eye Care Foundation is active, was always essential for her. The structural embedding of good eye care in the health care system of the project countries was paramount. Yvonne has shown an exemplary and solution-oriented attitude towards long-term planning and daily problems during field visits, always looking for good, creative solutions.

The Eye Care Foundation will miss Yvonne as a very dedicated and knowledgeable colleague. We wish her a lot of joy, good health, and many beautiful journeys in this next phase of her life.