“I am so glad that I can take care of my grandchildren again”

Mrs. Den is 62 years old and lives in the Soc Trang province in Vietnam. She lives with her daughter and two grandchildren in a small house in a remote village. To get to her house you have to cross a narrow improvised bridge.

Mrs. Den has not been able to see well for several years. In the village she had heard that it is possible to have eye surgery. However, she thought this was so scary that she always delayed it. The vision of Mrs. Den became extremely limited and she could hardly do anything independently. She was very dependent on the help of her family, which made her feel ashamed. When she could no longer care for her grandchildren and her daughter had to stop working to be there for her children, Mrs. Den decided to have the operation.

Thanks to a donation from Mr. Symon Tan and a group of donors from Singapore, Mrs. Den received the operation free of cost. She herself could not have paid for the operation. They have just enough money to buy food for the whole family.

I am very happy that I have undergone surgery and can see well again. Now I can take care of my grandchildren again and my daughter can go to work.