“Going blind made my mother feel sad and isolated”

Mrs. Mane is 78 years old and lives in Houaphan, Laos. She lives in a small village with her daughter. Her daughter makes some money by selling products at the local market. However, they struggle to get by. A few years ago, Mrs. Mane noticed that her sight was deteriorating. At first she didn’t tell anyone, but her daughter started to notice. Mrs. Mane was no longer able to help in the house or to take care of their chickens and ducks. This made her feel sad and isolated.

Her daughter says “At first I didn’t know what I could do to help my mother. But a few months ago I heard that a doctor who could help her was coming to a hospital close to where we live. So I decided to take my mother there”.

Mrs. Mane had cataracts in both eyes. She had a successful cataract operation on her right eye and now she is able to see again.

Her daughter: “I am so relieved that she can see again. Not only is she much happier and more outgoing, I can also leave the house without worrying about her. Now I can go back to the market to sell our products”.