“I’ll be blind forever, I thought” – Muth Thun

May I take you to Trapaing Tav Chas in this story? A remote village in Cambodia. This is where Muth Thun (66 years old) lives with her two sons and their families.

In recent years, her eyesight has been getting worse. Her world is small, her life dark. Almost everything has become unrecognizable. Muth Thun is confined to her home because of this. She is completely dependent on the care of her sons and their families. There is no doctor or clinic in the area where she can go. It seems that she must accept her fate: to remain blind forever.

Fortunately, Muth Thun’s situation is not hopeless.

One of Muth Thun’s sons hears about an Eye Care Foundation mobile eye camp. They encourage their mother to get her eyes checked. There goes Muth Thun, on the back of her son’s motorcycle. It’s a long journey over a bumpy road to the hospital where the mobile eye camp is situated.

She gets diagnosed the same day: cataract in both eyes. Yet there is hope. Because after surgery on both eyes, Muth Thun will be able to see again!

“Dr. Kakada from the mobile eye camp explained everything to me and my sons. At first I was still scared, but I’m reassured now. The thought of seeing again gives me great hope.”

Our mobile eye camps are staffed by doctors trained by the Eye Care Foundation. The surgeries they perform on the spot are free for patients like Muth Thun. Thanks to the support of our donors, we can reach vulnerable people in remote areas who need urgent eye care. An eye operation is priceless for them.

This is how you help a vulnerable eye patient to see again:

For only € 35 you can give a woman like Muth Thun cataract surgery!

How nice is the idea of Muth Than being able to get surgery?

You can restore someone’s sight. That is a gift for life.

Try to imagine how Muth Thun’s life would go on without support for eye surgery…

It is great that together with our donors we are there for vulnerable eye patients.