Eye care day at school in the Mekong Delta

As part of the “Sight for Children and People over 50 in the Mekong Delta” project, an annual donor visit took place in Ca Mau, Vietnam. This project is supported by the Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam.

During this visit, Mrs. Lan Luong, Eye Care Foundation Country Representative Vietnam, together with Mr. Triet Nguyen, head of the Ca Mau eye department and Mr. Tan Ngo – Vice Director of Ca Mau Social Diseases Prevention Center, presented the main results that have been achieved so far. In addition, they discussed some to the difficulties that were encountered.

The visit also included a trip to the U Minh district, where a Vision Center was opened in January 2018. Here, the donors could see with their own eyes how eye care is provided to local people.











In the afternoon session, the group went to a secondary school in U Minh where they had a special ‘eye care day’. The students received information about eye care and played ‘eye care games’ in order to increase awareness.