Lionsclub Land van Cuijk and North Limburg supports project Gorkha, Nepal

On September 8th the 13th golf day of Lionsclub Land van Cuijk and Noord-Limburg will be held. The proceeds of the day will be spent on the purchase of a 4WD jeep for the Surgical Eye Centre in Gorkha, Nepal. Thank you very much Lionsclub Land van Cuijk and Noord-Limburg!

Why a 4WD Jeep for the Surgical Eye Centre?

With a 4WD jeep, the centre can perform outreach activities and transport equipment, medical personnel and eye patients in this remote area. In addition, the car forms an important source of income for the eye centre. When not in use, the 4WD can be used as a taxi. By using the 4WD as a taxi, the centre can generate income and operate more independently.


The Gorkha district in Nepal is a remote, mountainous and underdeveloped region. In May 2015, the area was hit by a heavy earthquake. Most inhabitants live in small villages. Due to the lack of adequate infrastructure, these villages are often not accessible by road. As a result, the over 300.000 inhabitants of Gorkha barely have access to basic facilities, such as healthcare and education. Patients often have to walk literally for days to reach the first paved road to a health post.