Looking at a bright future again with one radio message

“What will life be like if I go completely blind? I cried when I thought about that. What about my three children? Who is going to take care of them then?”


Chan Tola (35) from Thala Village (Cambodia) has to stop working because her eyesight that is getting worse. She barely even recognizes her own children. She is losing her income and has no money left to buy food for her family.

Chan has advanced cataracts in both eyes. Only surgery can prevent her from losing her sight. This has to be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, she is more likely to become blind for the rest of her life.

She has to travel 120 kilometers for the hospital to get surgery. She cannot travel there alone because of her poor eyesight. She has no money for both the operation and the trip to the hospital.

Can you imagine how powerless Chan feels? She needs help.

Then one day she hears a message on the radio: a mobile eye camp is coming to her village. At this eye camp, ophthalmologists specially trained by the Eye Care Foundation perform cataract operations

This message changes her life.

She is welcomed to the eye camp and undergoes surgery by Doctor Tor Krytha. She can see again the day after the operation. Chan has regained sight in both eyes.

Do you make such a life changing cataract operation possible for an eye patient like this young mother?

For vulnerable eye patients living in poverty in Cambodia, our eye camps are the only chance to receive eye care. Your support for this is indispensable.

For only € 35 you can give a cataract surgery.

Or would you also like to provide essential information prior to the eye camp and aftercare:

(radio) message + cataract operation + aftercare = € 47.50

Thanks to the support of our donors, we can do lifesaving work for eye patients and their families in our eye camps.