Meet the cupcake girls!

Read about their selfless actions to help children with eye problems see clearly again. But now they need your help!

Meet Smriti Sukhani and Loan Merlin. Smriti is 16 years old and loves baking. Loan is 17 years old and shares that passion. But they don`t just enjoy baking, they want to help children that are less fortunate. To do this, they came up with “Butter and Fudge”. Before Smriti moved to Vietnam last summer she was living in India and sold cupcakes and cookies at various events. She helped as many as fifteen children regain their eyesight by paying for their operations. Just imagine: 15 children are no longer hindered by poor eyesight at school. Now they can reach their full potential!

Together, Smriti and Loan contacted the Eye Care Foundation (ECF). This Dutch organization has been active in Vietnam since 1993 and works to prevent and treat impaired vision and blindness in remote areas in the Mekong Delta. Eighty percent of the cases of blindness can be treated or cured. Many people there are simply unaware that there are treatments that can improve their eyesight or they do not have access to basic eye care. ECF is working on raising awareness, training refractionists to do eye tests and detect disorders, arranging eye screenings at schools and building a comprehensive basic eye care system.

Through ECF, Smriti and Loan met the Nguyen family. This family is known to the Social Disease Prevention Center of Binh Duong. Because of a genetic ‘error’ their vision is impaired. The affliction influenced the development of their eye muscles and it is difficult for them to focus well. This impacts their possibilities to work and to keep up at school, which limits the opportunities for the family members to improve their financial and social position. Smriti and Loan want to help this family, but they do not have enough funds yet. They have raised 11 million VND (€465,-), but need to reach a total of 55 million VND (€2.328,-) by the end of May 2017. This sum would cover the travel and hotel costs in Ho Chi Minh City and pay for the operation of Minh and Nam and their mother.

How can you help: order cupcakes for your party or company by sending an e-mail to