Milestone for start project in Morogoro, Tanzania

Morogoro is a region in de southeast of Tanzania with a population of at least 2.2 million. The region is approximately twice the size of the Netherlands. The Regional Health Department of Morogoro has asked the Eye Care Foundation to support eye care related activities and infrastructure in this region.

While eye diseases are listed as one of the top ten medical problems in Morogoro, the issue does not get the attention it deserves. Therefore, the Eye Care Foundation decided to support eye care in the Morogoro region. This support is primarily aimed at the poorest members of the population.

This week, the Eye Care Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Regional Administrative Secretary of Morogoro.

Picuture: Regional Administrative Secretary of Morogoro (left) and Ruud Wiedijk, director of the Eye Care Foundation (right) after signing the agreement.