Mr. Pei Song

Mr. Pei Song is 68 years old and had cataracts in both eyes. A year ago he had a cataract operation on his left eye. Yesterday he had surgery on his right eye.

“I am extremely happy that I am receiving good eye care here in the new clinic. My eyes are very important to me. I have long been a chairman in my community. I played an important role in my community. I am one of the few people who can read and write well and many villagers depend on my knowledge. When my sight deteriorated, I could not read and write properly. I think I disappointed a lot of people. I lost a lot of respect and became dependent on the help of my fellow villagers. I feel I’m much too young to be treated like an old man. I can still help others, but not without my eyesight”.

“My left eye is fine and I hope that now my right eye is too. Then I will be able to show everyone that my problem has been resolved and that I can help my community again. I will also tell people about the eye clinic. Many people are afraid to go to the hospital, but I will reassure them. I do not feel much pain and everyone is very friendly.”

When Pei Song`s eye was checked the next day, it turned out that the new lens had become detached. It could have happened because Mr. Pei Song was coughing a lot. Luckily they were able to help him that afternoon and the lens was reinserted. Mr. Pei Song spent an extra night at the clinic, so the ophthalmologist could check if the lens was in place. The next day the lens looked fine and Pei Song was allowed to go home. He can now see clearly again.