Ms. No Tei from Cambodia

Ms. No Tei lives in a village in the province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia. She has eight children. Together with her family she has 2 hectares of land where they grow beans. Three years ago her vision started to deteriorate and she could no longer work in the fields. Her tasks at home also became increasingly difficult because of her poor vision.

At the local health post her eyes were examined by an ophthalmic nurse. No Tei had cataracts in both eyes. The nurse referred her to the hospital for cataract surgery.

The day before her surgery she was picked up by car and taken to the hospital, where the eye team from Tbong Khmum were waiting for her. They decided to operate on her left eye first and do the other one at a later date if necessary.

A few weeks later Leng, a representative of the Eye Care Foundation in Cambodia, visited No Tei`s village where he asked her how she was doing. No Tei replied “I’m happy with the result. I can see much better and I regained my independence. It feels good to be able to do my share of the work in the fields and at home again. Thank you for taking such good care of me!”