Susannah Tadei from Tanzania

susannahSusannah Tadei is 36 years old and lives in Moshi, Tanzania. She walked into the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre holding onto her 10-year-old daughter`s arm. Susannah was almost blind and spent most days in her home because she was afraid to go out. She needed round-the-clock assistance from her daughter, meaning that the girl no longer attended school. Susannah was devastated that she could no longer take care of her young family. She had cataracts in both eyes and, without help, would have become completely blind within six months.

Susannah underwent surgery on her right eye that very same day. The operation was a complete success with no complications and after a week the protective cap on her eye was removed.

Being able to see her daughter again made Susannah intensely happy. She could not believe it. Ophthalmologist Ruud van der Pol witnessed that special moment, “I will never forget the smile on Susannah’s face when she looked into her daughter’s eyes. For a mother like Susannah, the surgery is a wonderful gift. Their future has now changed completely. She can once again provide for her family!”