The Eye Care Foundation supports the Himalaya Eye Hospital with Personal Protective Equipment

In the last weeks, the Himalaya Eye Hospital (HEH) in Pokhara, Nepal has been using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donated by the Eye Care Foundation. These PPEs protect the medical team while they examine patients. HEH used to receive around 400 patients per day, 20 of which would get eye surgery (mostly cataracts). Due to the current lockdown in Nepal, only the emergency services of the hospital remain open to the public. From March 24 until today, the new daily average number of patients are between 30 and 35.

The hospital has set up a help desk at the entrance, where patients get their temperature checked before being referred to a doctor.

In the photos, you see Dr. Indra Man Maharjan, Chief Medical Director wearing PPE prior to examining some of his patients:

1. A man sustained an eye injury while using his phone that exploded while being charged. The man had to walk for about an hour to reach the hospital. Several pieces of black plastic were removed from his eye.

2. An elderly man, who works as a metal welder, got an eye injury at work.

3. A 1-year-old boy sustained an eye injury while playing with sticks with his elder sister. He was brought to the hospital by his mother, who had to carry him to the hospital for 2 hours.