There was a girl…Swos is her name.

There was a girl…Swos is her name. She is twelve years old, lives in a village in Nepal, and attends primary school. Swos is very cross-eyed with her right eye. At school, she hardly sees anything on the blackboard. She gets a severe headache when she tries to read. Why is nothing being done about it? Because Swos is a girl. In her culture, the following applies: “You are a girl. Seeing well for you is not a priority.”

Not a day goes by that Swos doesn’t feel lonely and sad. She knows what awaits her. She will have to drop out of school and then… then her future will be over. Then she will have to work on the land or become a housewife. Just like her mother, who has had an eye condition all her life.

Her mother continues to hope for a better life for her daughter. However, how could they afford to visit an ophthalmologist when they are not able to pay even for a trip to the city? Like this, Swos could never graduate, earn money or be independent.

But something has happened that changed Swos’s life forever. An ophthalmologist, working for the Eye Care Foundation, came to the market square in her village where he met Swos. A few days later Swos visited a doctor and got her surgery!

Thanks to the help of people who support us, Swos has a chance at a long and happy life!

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Girls and women in Nepal have less access to eye care. They are often illiterate, do not know that an eye disorder or surgery can help them. Sadly, two-thirds of the blind in the world are women or girls.

Will you help a girl like Swos? You can sponsor an eye surgery for only 35 euros.

Do you also think it is important that girls have equal opportunities for a healthy future? You can sponsor training and information material for health professionals for € 47.50.