Too poor for cataract surgery, so never being able to see again…

For a woman in Nepal whose vision is getting worse, going to the doctor is not as obvious as it is for you and me. The threshold is high, because the money is simply not there. From the remote villages you first have to walk half a day to a bus stop, so therefore it is impossible to go to the doctor or a hospital. Especially for someone like Chauda who only sees a blur.

There is a huge number of women like Chauda who urgently need surgery to avoid becoming blind permanent.

Do you also think that these women should receive good eye care?

That is why the Eye Care Foundation travels to these remote places and sets up an eye camp. With your support, we can ensure that women like Chauda get a cataract surgery that will give them back sight.

A team of dedicated doctors, nurses and medical technicians come to see eye patients in the most remote places.

The only thing that is still needed? Your great support for this and many other surgeries.

There could be a big distance in kilometers between you and a woman like Chauda in Nepal. Still, you are able to help her today!

Can you help with a donation of € 35 and make the cataract surgery possible?

The eye camp is free for eye patients, as long as we receive support from donors like you. We cannot do anything without your help. What you accomplish together with our team is truly amazing!