Vision Centre in Binh Duong officially opened!

The eye care project ‘Vision Centres’ is currently active in four provinces in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The objective of this project is to create a sustainable, extensive and comprehensive eye care system in Binh Duong, Ca Mau, Dong Thap and Soc Trang. The structural eye care in these districts can be greatly improved by setting up so-named vision centres. Two special target groups are school children and poor elderly people.


Vision centres are set up inside or near the provincial and/or district hospitals. There is at least one refractionist and a manager present in each vision centre. The vision centres play a key role in the eye care services of the hospitals. They organize and carry out eye screenings for school children and elderly people as well as refer patients for further treatment when necessary.

The vision centre in Binh Duong is now officially opened!