What you can do for blind and visually impaired people is in one word: amazing.

With the gifts of our donors we have helped to restore the eyesight of vulnerable people and have prevented it from getting worse. Rescue eye care is of vital importance to these people. Without help, it is impossible for our ophthalmologists to perform necessary eye operations.

You can be there for the those who cannot afford expert eye care themselves. Support is and will remain crucial, it’s also very much needed in 2023!

Annual gifts are necessary to continue to provide eye care. So many people depend on it and are still waiting for eye surgery. We cannot do anything for them without the loyal support of our donors.

Will you help us with your annual contribution? Many thanks in advance. Read below how your donation is spent.

Yes, I would like to help with my annual contribution.

The sooner we receive a donation, the sooner we have certainty for our projects. Then we can start quickly with the most urgent patients in need. They need urgent care.

Acting quickly is important. Every day counts for these eye patients. Timely surgery prevents permanent visual impairment and blindness. Intervening in time gives eye patients a better future.

Your annual contribution will be the start of a new life for eye patients in 2023.

Allow me to give you a brief preview of our plans >>>

These are the plans that make your annual gift in 2023 possible:

1. Eye camps for cataract surgery
In remote areas, we go to people who need urgent and expert eye care. For these people, an eye clinic is too far away and the journey too expensive. They often do not know even know of the possibility of cataract surgery.

2. Conducting eye exams at schools and distributing eyeglasses
Children with poor eyesight have trouble following classes. They sometimes do not finish school, which means that their chances for the future are limited. With your support, we go to schools to do eye exams. Does a child need glasses? Thanks to your contribution, the child immediately receives those glasses and can follow the classes properly again!

3. Build eye clinics and purchase new equipment
In 2023 we will build new eye clinics in the countries where we operate. Money is needed for that, as well as for the equipment. In this way you help to prevent and cure unnecessary blindness and visual impairment for even more people!

4. Training ophthalmologists and eye care professionals
Where there are hardly any ophthalmologists, we go to work to train them on the spot. With more well-trained ophthalmologists and skilled staff, the battle for expert eye care can be won step by step!

You see: there is a lot to do. Eye patients hope with their heart and soul for a good year. A year in which, thanks to cataract surgery, they no longer have to live in the dark and have a future again. A year in which they are no longer limited by unnecessary blindness and can fully participate in society again.

Can we – for these people – count on your Annual Contribution? We face a major challenge in the coming year. Your support matters, I assure you. Thank you!

Yes, I would like to help with my annual contribution.

With your annual contribution you give the best you can give. That’s a great start, isn’t it?
Please help an eye patient to start a new life today. Thank you!