“Sorry, your daughter is going blind and there’s nothing we can do for her…”

How powerless are you as parents when your three-year-old child goes blind and you are being told: “We can’t do anything for your daughter…we don’t have the equipment or the skills.” These words were said to Mina’s parents, who live in a remote area in Laos.

Their little girl is only a one and a half years old when she starts having problems with her eyes. She sees less and less. She cannot walk independently. Playing with other children is no longer possible. Mina has no life living like this.

Mina’s parents are desperate. HELP US! What else can they do to prevent their Mina from going blind.

The parents and grandparents feel powerless. Surely there must be a doctor who can operate their Mina?

Just when they are close to despair, the Eye Care Foundation starts an eye camp close to the village. The ophthalmologists are concerned. Mina has advanced cataracts. She must be operated urgently at the specialized hospital in the capital, Vientiane.

The parents are afraid that the eye surgery will cost too much money. On top of that they don’t have money for the long journey to Vientiane.

With your support, Eye Care Foundation can take away their worries. Thanks to you, we can ensure that children like Mina receive the cataract surgery that prevents her from permanently losing eye sight.

Isn’t it great that our ophthalmologists can reassure parents like Mina? “Don’t you worry. People who cannot afford eye surgery get it for free thanks to the Eye Care Foundation.” To be able to promise that, your financial support is very much needed.

Poverty, lack of the right medical equipment, insufficient knowledge among doctors. These are reasons why people still become unnecessarily blind.

Your help is needed today to solve this problem.

What we can do: bring trained ophthalmologists to the people. Offer eye surgery to those who can’t afford it.

What you can do: for only € 35 you can give a child like Mina the life changing cataract operation.

For vulnerable people it is the only chance to see again. You help prevent permanent blindness.

Do you want to be there for eye patients like Mina?

This ensures that they get surgery on in time, before they become completely blind. Mina’s story proves that well-trained doctors and the right medical equipment are necessary in remote areas of the world.

With your gift of € 35 you help to make the miracle happen that parents hope for. Mina had surgery and can see with both her eyes again. Her parents and grandparents, who felt so powerless, are now overjoyed!

With your donation of € 35 for an eye surgery you make that possible. What could be better than giving an eye patient the light back in their eyes at Christmas? With your gift you save someone from blindness!